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pink booth confessions

Millie-short-poses copy.jpg
Millie-short-poses copy.jpg
pink booth confessions (the film)-2 copy 3.PNG
pink booth confessions (the film)-2 copy 2.png

Photography by Camille A. Breslin

Wardrobe Engineer + Creative HMUA by PhaeMonae

Millie-short-poses copy.jpg

Pink Booth Confessions relishes in what it means to be woman: whole, dark, broken, bent, drunk, bright, woke, silent, brash, slutty, strong, prude, wise, forever-changing and deeply committed to love. Through a pressurized “pink booth,” performers testify to their experiences as women, illuminating their secrets and discharging them simultaneously.



Starring Britt Ford, Millie Heckler, Schivona Johnson
Director of Photography: Elias Hill
Sound Engineer: Schivona Johnson
Set Design and Videographer: Camille Breslin 
Wardrobe Engineer and Creative HMUA: PhaeMonae
creative director and editor: millie Heckler
Millie-short-poses copy.jpg

Photo by Mary Jo Cahilly Bretzin

check out the soundtrack and ep, death by Millie Heckler, streaming on most platforms
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