Makeup by Navaji

Millie Heckler is an interdisciplinary artist who merges singing, dance and original music to inspire pleasure, authenticity and change. Her passion lies in unlocking natural voices of the body. Through a practice of  re-opening embodied instruments—such as body movement, vocalization and imagination—she leans into self-remembrance: What am I capable of creating? 

Currently, Heckler is a Visiting Artist at the University of Vermont, honing her skills as a dance educator, activist and singer/songwriter. Having danced with Hip Hop Dance Theater luminary Rennie Harris and afro-contemporary company Charles O. Anderson/dance theater X, she uses dance as a catalyst for reclaiming the sensuality of her authentic experience. In May 2020, she re-emerged as a solo artist after receiving an MFA in Dance and Social Justice from University of Texas Austin. Additionally, she is co-founder of Yes Body: a ‘traveling party’ dedicated to relentless self-progression and the pursuit of fearlessness.