Yes Body travels nation-wide teaching community dance classes and hosting arts jams for people of all ages and abilities.

Yes Body, formerly known as SoulFunktion, was founded by Executive Producer Dion Evans, Dance/Music Artist Millie Heckler, and DJ Schi the God/Sound Engineer Schivona Johnson in the Fall of 2017 in Austin, TX. Yes Body serves as a ‘traveling party’ dedicated to relentless self-progression and the pursuit of fearlessness. Hosting parties and events, teaching a variety of dance classes, and performing original works, the company advocates for embodied responsibility, upholding values of creativity, individuality, innovation (R.H. Laws of Hip Hop), social equity, and inclusivity at all costs.


Yes Body event at Givens Park in East Austin summer 2019. Funded by Cultural Arts Initiative grant.


Our goals

  • To create community through an awareness of cultural inclusivity and sharing

  • To gain a cultural understanding of and appreciation for Hip Hop social party dances and tradition 

  • To empower students to explore realities, relationships and ideas through the partnership of music and movement 

  • To challenge the imagination and body to cultivate collaborative ideals

  • To develop choreographic, performative and freestyle tools

  • To express oneself safely and effectively to foster a strong sense of self